On 1 May 2006, IntSource was founded by Robert Biemans.

Since that date, IntSource has a proven track record of driving excellence and delivering rapid results via deep analysis, effective decision-making and skilled change management. Demonstrates articular strengths in the planning and realisation of intervention processes in reorganisations and the creation of new products and services to steer growth.

Since 2012, IntSource is also specialised in leadership and talent development. Develops, designs and conducts (multi-modular) programmes on leadership development and behavioural change worldwide on a tried and tested approach using experiential learning as the key medium. Psychometric surveys are applied to enhance self-awareness.

IntSource demonstrates leadership excellence and positive communication and is also able to coach and mentor individuals and multi-disciplinary teams towards optimal goals, objectives and behaviours.

IntSource teams up with international partners if joint strengths provide a better solution for client.